Shelter From the Storm – A life affirming and inspirational journey

Shelter from the Storm is a book by Trevor E. Price. It tells the story of a life affirming and inspirational journey. A journey that was shared by a loving, long-married couple knowing that one of them only had a short time left to live after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

The book tells of the friendship and help the couple received after opening their hearts and determining not to fight their battle alone. Supported by the love, prayers and laughter of an army of friends, the couple spent a miraculous and joyful year together  Рprecious time that extended way past the original expectations of the doctors.

It may seem inevitable that we feel only despair about the premature death of a loved one and yet this book shows how, with a positive attitude, anyone facing that final curtain may live a life filled with joy and happiness right up to the end.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to two charities: Pancreatic Cancer UK – committed to raising awareness of pancreatic cancer, providing a powerful voice for everyone who has been affected by the disease and Pancreatic Cancer Action – a charity with a mission to change pancreatic cancer survival numbers.

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