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Some kind readers of Shelter from the Storm have already sent Trevor their wonderful comments on the book and we include these here. If you have read the book and would like to add your comment please do so below.

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  1. Sue Richardson says:

    I need to tell you I don’t really read books but I can’t leave this one down and if I do Carolyn picks it up. Huge thanks.

    Ian Middleton,
    Director, Axios UK Limited

  2. Kim Sharman says:

    An amazing book – full of the writers love for his wife and their life together. As one who travelled the same road as Trevor, I empathise completely with what he has written. I feel privileged to recommend this book.

  3. Robert Loynes says:

    This is a truly inspirational book written with love, it illustrates the power of practical help and support that family and friends can offer in times of need. I loved Christine dearly and this book serves as a lasting testimony to her infectious joy of life.

  4. Tony Wightman says:

    This is not only a well written and engaging book that will remain a testimony to Trevor’s cherished wife Chris, but also as an inspiration to all those involved in facing up to a terminal prognosis and to those who support them on that journey

  5. David J Gilbody says:

    I read Trevors book with great interest and anticipation. The messages of support were amazing and I am sure provided strength and support to both Trevor and Chris. It is often said that a picture portrays a thousand words, The pictures of Trevor, Chris, Robert, Pippa and the children, and being published in black and white, epitomised a vision of ” okay we face difficult times but we are going to enjoy ourselves and have fun”. I believe that goal was achieved.

  6. Pat Bomford says:

    I want to thank you, most sincerely, for allowing me to share the incredible journey of love, courage & faith that you & Christine, & her devoted family, & friends, made throughout that period. Your description of her last moments moved me to tears. Thank you for giving me much food for thought.

  7. Peter Halman says:

    A story which couldn’t have a happy ending but creates an inspiring testament to love, faith and friendship. It was a brave decision for Chris and Trevor to share their journey with us and we are privileged to have had the opportunity. The book is quite exceptional.

  8. Sarah Hazelwood says:

    Although at times the book was very emotional is really was a true inspiration to read. The story is a fine tribute to a strong woman who was surrounded by so much love from her family and friends.
    It is admirable that Trevor has shared his journey in order to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and communicate with others in a simillar position to himself.
    A privilege to read.

  9. Simon Brown says:

    I have had Shelter From The Storm for a good month now and only just found time to start reading it. I have not read many books since my School days (Bad I Know) let alone within a two day period, but I could not put this book down. It gave me mixed emotions when reading, some of happeniess and sadness. Very powerful book showing how the support of family and friends helped Chris and Trev through this rollercoaster year. This book has taught me to keep close to family and friends AT ALL TIMES. A must,top read!

  10. Linda Brown says:

    A difficult decision to read this book now as it still hurts so much but made the decision to do so and I can only say well done Trevor. You have shown others the “True Colours” of our dear sister Chris. I wish I could of done more as others do but you gave it your all and it comes across in your book. A wonderful tribute to a dearly loved sister. Just to let people know Chrissies fun and loving side reflects in her son and grandchildren

  11. Sue Cameron says:

    Not many people chose to take such a journey. Even fewer are able to document it so well and so movingly. It is a testament to the power of love and friendship and an inspiration to anyone facing a similar diagnosis. The book is an emotional read which I could not get through without stopping for tears, but read it you should.

  12. Catherine Allan says:

    I have just finished reading this wonderful book.
    It made me laugh and cry but most of all it made me think about life, love and family, how important it is to enjoy everyday, to think positively all in that we do and remain true to ourselves.
    A truely inspirational story which will stay with me always.

  13. Hazel Charge says:

    An extremely moving account of Chris’s last journey which I found very emotional to read but hard to put down. I was always so much aware that it will be a wonderful legacy to leave for future generations of such a free spirited and brave individual. We all miss her but she will forever be in our hearts.

  14. Mary Collis says:

    What a wonderful love story this book tells. It could be made into a film.

  15. Barry, Carol, & Pippa Lawton says:

    A wonderful and compelling book, beautifully compiled using not only Trevor and Chris’s own experience, but e-mails from a myriad of friends who lay testimony to their love for each other and their value of friendship.
    We envy their grandchildren, Hattie and Oliver, for their ability to look back and read of their terrific Grandparents.

  16. Andrea Stephens says:

    “Shelter from the Storm” what a truly beautiful book. I must confess I wasn’t looking forward to actually opening the pages of this book, as I knew it was going to be very emotional (and it was) but nevertheless once I did I couldn’t stop reading the inspiring messages and tributes to a wonderful brave lady “Christine”. It has made me realized life is precious and should never be taken for granted, and family and friends are very important.

  17. kim simmonds says:

    What an inspirational account of two peoples love & devotion to each other. I cannot imagine & hope I never have to go through what Trevor &Chris had to cope with in the last 12 months of her life, but it bought home to me what really is important in life & I think Chris was blessed to have such a loving caring husband to look after her so well. A must read.

    Kim Simmonds

  18. Paul Blake says:

    I specifically bought Trevor’s book to read on holiday. I was keen to see firstly how you dealt with ‘living your miracle’ and to also see if there is anything that I could learn from it to help with my Mum’s situation.

    Reading how Trevor and Chris dealt with the circumstances has been hugely uplifting and the inner strength and resolve that Chris had was simply inspiring.

    I read the book in 2 days (normally it takes an entire 2 week holiday!) and I only read one book a year! Quite incredible, Trevor should be so proud of himself for having the courage to document Chris’ journey and share what must have been a deep, almost spiritual year. She will be very proud of him, it must have taken an enormous amount of time to compile it all. I managed to keep it together until page 194… then with the tranquil sea lapping the shore and the heat radiating down I cried. I cried for Chris, for Trevor, for everyone who has to deal with this horror all over the world, every day. I am so glad I had my dark sunglasses on!

    I don’t want to relive that page with my Mum, with Sue, with my sister, nobody. Never. But I know I will and I wanted to say that Trevor’s book has been very inspirational on many levels. So thank you Trevor, for writing it and sharing everything from the original diagnosis to the tsunami of support that you received. Chris deserved you and you deserved Chris.

  19. Marian Jones says:

    I read your book today, straight through, I simply couldn’t put it down. Nobody should have to live through that, although you did. I felt so sad for you and for Chris, Also for me, for the memories it brought back, and the months Keith & I lived through too. A lovely book, though, so thanks for that.

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